ICIM is the premier corporate and interim executive professional body in Nigeria having the mandate to educate the public and private sector about the expanding specialty being practiced by many thousands of executives. Our range of activities, benefits and opportunities is constantly being expanded as the field of corporate & interim management gains recognition as an integral part of the business enterprise. 

The following are just some of the benefits offered to our members:

1. Professional Accreditation Program:

  • Our program currently caters for experienced corporate and interim managers; and we have a place for those who are new to the profession;
  • We are currently developing an entry level accreditation program to cater for corporate and interim management practitioners;
  • ICIM establishes code of best practice and ethical conduct of corporate & interim management practitioners;

 2. Extensive Education and Training Program:

  •  Collaboration with reputable bodies in the areas of research leading to post graduate award;
  • Developing continuous professional development programmes and courses;
  • Executive master classes and graduate conversion courses designed for those who seek recognition and require specific technical training;

 3. Events: 

  • Annual conference featuring International and National experts;
  • Regular and topical seminars to maintain current knowledge and understanding;
  • International and Local workshops and networking events;
  • International Conferences;
  • Executive Courses & Training Alumni Forum;
  • Award of Corporate Excellence (Annual Event- Every November).

4. Working Parties, Committees & Volunteer Groups: 

  •  Opportunity to contribute to published submissions, research papers and thought leadership pieces;
  • Professional development opportunities which may not be provided by the employer;

 5. Networking Opportunities with: 

  •  Industry Experts
  • Free networking events

 6. Substantial discounts to all ICIM events (minimum 10%): 

  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Training & Education Courses

 7. Access to Members’ only section of the website: 

  •  Download Research Paper
  • Newsletters and Journals
  • Conference papers