• ICIM mission is to promote excellence in corporate and interim management by developing professional, entrepreneurial, socially responsible leaders and managers.

  • ICIM  vision is to become an Internationally recognized   membership organisation for Corporate and Interim Managers in Africa. 


  • Promote activities of professional membership, capacity building, research, National and International conference;

  • Offer leading-edge practitioner-oriented management programs and use learning technologies that are responsive to our diverse markets;

  • Promote research and international accredited qualifications that elevates members credentials to higher levels of excellence;

  • Attract and develop faculty of distinctive competence and highly skilled and trained staff who ensure the delivery of quality services

  • Partner reputable research institution locally and internationally to strengthen faculty programs and events;

  • Nurture and sustain a culture that rewards professionalism, creativity, and excellence among individuals and organizations in Nigeria


  • To develop and establish a new discipline of ‘Corporate and Interim Management’ for holistic treatment of matters impacting on corporate functioning and provide instruction and capacity building in the subject to a wide range of stakeholders drawn within private and public sector;

  • To standardize and develop a body of knowledge on corporate & interim management practices and policies in Nigeria;

  • To foster and maintain the highest standards of excellence and ethics among corporate & interim management professionals;

  • To establish the Interim Governance & Sustainability Academy for training and capacity building of members and non-members of the Institute both in public and private sector;

  • To advance the institute mission statement thereby integrate and focus much attention on issues around ethics, corporate governance, inclusive growth and sustainable development with emphasis on innovative change management and entrepreneurship;

  • To provide a platform for business owners, academia, professionals, members and non-members both in private and public sector an opportunity to converge and interact on all corporate and interim management issues;

  • To act as a Think-Tank, researcher and policy contributor to relevant stakeholders on all corporate and interim management issues (including but not limited to) e-governance initiatives;

  • To take up action research, consultancy, incubation, hand-holding and problem-solving to enable innovative governance solutions for inclusive growth and entrepreneurial excellence with focus on ethical business management practices.

  • To foster association and develop strategic alliances with national and international reputable organizations within the field of corporate and interim management and related disciplines;

  • To establish partnerships with other Universities, educational and capacity building institutions and think tanks for sharing knowledge expertise and taking up joint programmes in capacity building for responsible corporate and interim managements, regulation and inclusive growth;

  • To offer Internationally recognized qualifications within the field of Corporate & Interim Management and related disciplines.